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The following are decks created by other X-Files CCG lovers. I've added a personal rating between 1 to 5 for each deck. These decks are here for others to have fun with.

Gen Con Promo Deck:

Route66: 3

Agent Sinkavich: 5

Deep Throat: *5*

Pencil Pushers: 2

Bad Boys, Bad Boys: 3

Agent Ahsen: *4*

Premiere Edition Checklist

The Truth Is Out There Checklist

101361 Checklist

Promos Checklist

I have realized that it is hard to find someone in the Chat Room. From now on the official time for everyone to chat will be on Sundays at 10:00 pm. But the Chat Room will always be open for anyone to come at any time.

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In order for this site to succeed, I PLEAD TO YOU to send me any playing tips or playing decks to benefit the X-Files CCG players. This site runs on viewer participation.

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